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FWTri Club Season Membership
Club Season Membership* - $60.00 - Benefits include:

- Group training**
- How-to clinics (performance, nutrition, mechanics, mock tri, race day)
- Merchant and race discounts
- FREE membership for veterans & those serving in the Armed Services**
- Discount for additional family members***
- Monthly club meetings
- Awards and recognition
- Club social events
- Advice from experienced athletes
- Club calendar and communications
- Club custom clothing & accessories available for purchase
- Insurance to cover members during organized club activities
- Charitable and volunteer opportunities
- A voice in club direction!

*Club season membership starts February 1st and ends the following January 31st, with a 3 month enrollment period for the upcoming season beginning November 1st through January 31st.

**Group training does not include coached workouts, it is intended to serve as a means of providing safety in numbers and a social environment for members to train together

***Please contact us at info@fwtriclub.com for discount details
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